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Healing Touch Sessions

Our Healing Touch Sessions are conducted in a safe, quiet and relaxing healing environment located in a private healing room.  Privacy and confidentiality are impeccably maintained.  Your comfort is of prime importance. 

At your first session, you will be interviewed for basic information and to discuss the reason for coming for therapy. This is an opportunity to ask questions and to receive information. The sessions are approximately one hour long. The clients lie on a sturdy massage table or sit in a comfortable chair, fully clothed except for shoes.  The wearing of loose comfortable clothing is recommended.  Soft and relaxing music is played as the practitioner assesses the energy field and proceeds with the healing session.  Many clients experience the session as deeply relaxing. 

At the conclusion of the session, the energy field is re-assessed.  The practitioner shares with the client what her observations and experiences were.  The client is also asked to share his or her experiences.  There may be suggestions and recommendations made for the continuation of the healing process.


Healing Touch sessions may also be conducted via long distance.  Within the understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, healing energy is received where it is intended to go.  Long distance healings are just as effective as in person healings.

The session is arranged either by e-mail or telephone communication.  This is a wonderful way to receive Healing Touch in the comfort of your own home.

Each Long Distance healing session will be arranged by the client and practitioner via e-mail, roni@healingtouchphoenix.com.  Sessions last for one hour and cost $80.00.  Secure pre-payment with PayPal is required.


A monthly Healing Touch practice/support group is offered for all who have taken a Healing Touch class.  This is an opportunity to refine your skills, receive Healing Touch, and meet others in the Healing Touch community.  We meet informally and in a relaxed environment.  Please ask to be placed on the e-mail notification list by writing to roni@healingtouchphoenix.com.


Roni has studied and practiced hatha and kundalini yoga and learned to meditate in 1971.  She has been teaching gentle hatha yoga and kundalini yoga since 2002 to small groups combining it with a group, guided meditation for healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  We meet every week.   Please join our group by asking to be put on the email reminder list for the yoga/meditation circle.


Learn how to heal yourself and to assist others to heal. All aspects of healing within the human energy field are discussed and practiced.


“Express Your Soul With Art” is a workshop in which you are taught how to connect with your soul and then to express what you feel onto paper using soft and oil pastels.  All supplies are provided and no previous art experience is necessary.


Meditation and healing retreats are offered to give you an opportunity to refresh your soul and take care of your inner being.

For more information about these workshops and retreats please write and request to be put on the e-mail notification list.